Indoor Fall Schedule:  October 3 – December 31, 2018

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(revised Oct. 18, 2018)

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Info on Play Sessions
» White board sign up for courts will be used on busy days.
» Sign attendance book prior to play each day.
» Non-marking court shoes are required for all play sessions.
» You may attend a lower rating play session than your current Club or Tournament rating if it suits your day better but you cannot attend a higher rating play session.

TRU:  Fall Session:  Oct. 3 to Dec. 30, 2018. 
TCC:  Fall Session:  Sept. 16 to Dec. 30, 2018.  
KTA:  Fall Session:  Oct. 22 to Dec. 30, 2018.

Ratings for Play
Kamloops Pickleball Club will use the following ratings for scheduled club play sessions.
» Open:  Any paid club member from 1st timer to 5.0 rating.
» 2.5 and below rating.  This would include members new to the sport of pickleball.
» 3.0 rating.
» 3.5 rating.
» 4.0  rating.
» 4.5+ rating (4.5 and 5.0).

Wondering what your Rating is?
If you do not have a Club or Tournament rating and/or unsure of your rating, send us an email and our assessment team will get back to you:  Contact Us.

Also, you can check our Rating / Skill Assessment page for a breakdown of skills required for each rating.  

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