Clinics / Programs / Lessons

“Practice, practice, practice!”


Step up your game with clinics, programs, or lessons.

Pickleball Clinics are one-day educational sessions and are valuable tools to learn basic skills and advanced shots, as well as how and when to incorporate them into your game. The level of instruction is dependent on what clinic you attend.


Pickleball Programs provide instrumental instruction of the sport and build over several weeks, allowing you to hone your skills and earn playing experience in a structured atmosphere, to enjoy challenging games with other players, and for making friends along the way.


You can find Clinics and Programs through:
» Kamloops Pickleball Club (Offered throughout the outdoor season.)
» City of Kamloops Activity Guide: Spring & Summer, Fall & Winter editions.
   2021 Spring & Summer Activity Guide (See page 51 for pickleball details.)
   Visit: to create your account and register for City programs.


Individual and group lessons can be arranged apart from club programming during the outdoor season.

Kristina Lidster – Partner Coach
5.0 sponsored tournament player, IPTPA certified instructor, and Level 5 Certified Ratings Specialist (CRS). Offering pickleball private/group lessons and clinics for players from Beginner to Advanced.