KPC-qualified Coaches

Wei Pua

NCCP Level 1 Certified Instructor

Wei Pua is enthusiastic about raising the level of pickleball within the community and enjoys coaching all levels and ages. Friendly and approachable, feel free to come up to Wei to say hello or ask for pickleball tips. 

Individual or group lessons, skills and drills sessions available.




Thor Fridriksson

Thor Fridriksson has over 45 years experience coaching and instructing. He has coaching certifications in Track and Field, Volleyball, Squash, Golf, and Pickleball. He has presented over 100 workshops and clinics on pickleball. Thor has written a comprehensive booklet titled 50 Pickleball Practice Drills. Whether you are a beginner, novice, or a bit more seasoned player Thor can help you to improve your game. He can offer single individual lesson, partner lessons or group lesson. You can determine the number of lessons from 1 to 8.



Phone: 250-819-8268