League Play

LEAGUES by “Pickleball Brackets.com”


LEAGUE PLAY has returned!

Pickleball Brackets is the system KPC is using to organize club league play (e.g. round robins). If you anticipate wanting to participate in league play you must open an account with PickleballBrackets.com (use the same email address you used to register for the club).

Remember: We are all new to this system so we will learn as we go. Please be patient.



» Direct link to our club page here → Pickleball Brackets

» Click “Become a Member” to the right of our logo if you aren't already

» To see the different leagues, find “League Count” to the right of our logo

» Find the league for you (be realistic with your self- rating)

» Each league can have up to 40 participants with 20-25 people playing each week

» Receive a confirmation email regarding your signup to league, show up at the courts and game on!!!


Contact Christine Banford if you would like to be an ambassador for your league.


There is a Pickleball Brackets app in the works for Apple and Google.


All league play appears on our KPC booking calendar, as well as under “Events,” on KamloopsPickleballClub.ca


Subscribe to Pickleball Brackets text alerts - 

  • sign into pickleballbrackets.com
  • edit "my profile"
  • click on "yes" to "subscribe to in game text messages".  Make sure you save your changes
  • This allows us to text you with changes to the leagues etc.