Organized Play

ORGANIZED PLAY by “Pickleball”


Kamloops Pickleball Club is offering three types of organized play:

  • Rated League play
  • Unrated Round Robins
  • Friday night Couples Social

The club uses PICKLEBALL BRACKETS software to facilitate organized play.


How to play:

  • You must register for EACH LEAGUE that you are interested in
  • Sign up for Pickleball Brackets on the PB website: 
  • Search for “Kamloops” under “Leagues”
  • Click on the green “Register” button for each league you want to play in
  • Once you are registered for the league, you can sign into Pickleball Brackets, go to the menu at the top right near your name, click on Leagues, then My League Schedule. You will see all the upcoming games for the leagues that you are registered in as well as the date and time that you can OPT IN
  • Once you are registered in a league you must ‘OPT IN’ for every game day that you wish to play
  • There is no limit to the total number of registrants, but the weekly ‘opt in’ is limited depending on court availability
  • If you OPT IN and you cannot make that game, please OPT OUT at least 1 hour prior to game time to allow others to sign up



  • The following leagues are offered:

o   Men’s doubles

o   Co-Ed doubles

o   Women’s doubles

  • These RATED leagues are offered for the entire outdoor season, you only need to register once 
  • You MUST ‘opt in’ to each game day you want to play in once that option becomes available
  • There will be an Ambassador available for each game day; the Ambassador will take attendance and get games started
  • ***Scores are recorded using the Pickleball Brackets website on any mobile device. Pickleball Brackets ratings are be calculated after each game



  • The following Round Robins will be offered:

o   2.5 – 2.99

o   3.0 – 3.49

o   3.5 – 3.99

o   4.0+

  • EACH MONTH you will be required to re-register to join a particular Round Robin
  • You MUST ‘opt in’ to each game day on a weekly basis once available
  • On the scheduled game day, players will use the Round Robin sheets to get play started; these sheets can be found in the locked storage at each park
  • Scores are NOT recorded in Pickleball Brackets; ratings are NOT affected by the outcome of these games
  • There is no need to use Pickleball Brackets during Round Robin games


***As of July 1 all registrants MUST have a minimum of THREE Pickleball Brackets rated league games per month in order to register for Round Robin Play (this is equivalent to one day of Pickleball Bracket rated play/month).


Exceptions: Player has satisfied the Rating requirement of

-having played 24 rated games in total this season or

-having played 10 rated games this season (after initial 24 recorded Bracket games in past) or

-having been rated in approved Bracket tournament play (at least 2 tournaments) or

-having an IPTPA rating 



***Previous Pickleball Brackets Rated play NOT necessary to attend the social

  • Registration for the season is required

o   Register yourself as for other leagues

o   You will be prompted to enter a partner

o   Your partner must register as well

o   There must be at least one female per team

  • Once the couple is registered, both players must “opt in” for every game day
  • Scores are recorded but personal ratings are NOT affected

If you have difficulty registering, opting in or have any questions about Pickleball Brackets send an email to:

If you would like to be an Ambassador, please email:

If you have questions about your rating, please email:



Use the Love Our Club mobile app or website for the following:

  • See the upcoming leagues under Events
  • See the court schedules under the Calendar (drop-in courts, leagues, clinics, public play etc for both venues)
  • Register and pay for any upcoming skills clinics being held through KPC
  • Reserve a bookable court. Click on the date you want to book in the calendar and the venue you want, and it will show you the numbers of courts available to be booked. When you reserve a court, you have exclusive rights to that court for the duration of the reservation.