Outdoor Venues


The Kamloops Pickleball Club Outdoor season typically runs from April 1 to September 30.

Lock Box Lesson for Volunteers

We've had a few instances of volunteers breaking keys trying to get into our court equipment lock boxes, so here is a video explaining how the locks operate and how things can go wrong.

Lock Box Lesson

Court Etiquette


You've got your paddle, your water bottle, and your energy; but don't forget your manners!

Fair play and sportsmanship are keys to success and enjoyment in any sport. To ensure smooth sailing on the pickleball courts, Kamloops Pickleball Club requests the following from those who play:


» If people are waiting, please play your game to 11. Once your game is complete, yell “Court!” so people waiting knows it is their turn to play. If you are going to continue to play, please place your paddle in the paddle queue (the black PVC pipe with the holes in it).



2022 Outdoor Spring and Summer Schedules

The PDF schedules below show a snapshot of the season's play times and does not include updates or cancellations.

Riverside Park (PDF)

McDonald Park (PDF)


When using Love Our Club to reserve a court, a minimum of two players must be added to the reservation; if a court is being reserved for four players, all player names must be included. 


Riverside Park

100 Lorne Street


– 10 dedicated outdoor courts.
– 3-hour parking near courts. 
– Washrooms:  Yes.
– Open to public and KPC Members.
– KPC members can reserve certain courts.

McDonald Park

501 McDonald Avenue


– 4 dedicated outdoor courts.
– Street parking near courts. 
– Washrooms:  Yes.
– Open to public and KPC Members.
– KPC members can reserve certain courts.

Cowan Park

697 Cowan Street


– 4 multi-use outdoor courts with pickleball lines. Net required; bring your own or borrow one from the club.
– 3-hour parking near courts.
– Washrooms:  No.
– Open to public and KPC Members.

Other Local Courts
These are multi-use courts and you will need to bring your own net or borrow a club net.


» Valleyview Multi-Purpose Box.  Park Drive.  4 courts.
» Westsyde Multi-Purpose Box.  Westsyde Centennial Park. Franklin Road. 4 courts.
» Westsyde Tennis Court. Westsyde Centennial Park. Franklin Road. 1 court.
» McBeth Park.  McBeth Place. 1 court.
» Dufferin Tennis Courts. Hillside Drive. 2 courts.
» Rose Hill Park. Rose Hill Rd. 4 courts.  (West Courts).
» Rae-Mor Park. Arab Run Road. 1 court.
» Thompson Rivers University-by Old Main.  TRU Way. 

We would like to recognize and thank the City of Kamloops for working together with our club to provide pickleball programming at outdoor venues for our members and our community.