The Kamloops Pickleball Club has been enjoying the sport of pickleball since 2007, and like the sport itself, has grown exponentially over the years.  We have access to 18 outdoor courts, 10 indoor courts and have over 400 members.

Mission Statement:
The Kamloops Pickleball Club is dedicated to maintaining and growing the sport of pickleball for its membership and for the general public.  Our club welcomes members of all ages and is committed to providing a welcoming positive environment, promoting instruction, encouraging competition, and presenting a quality pickleball experience for Kamloops and the surrounding areas.

Meet our 2020 / 2021 Board of Directors

Gerrianne Clare
Vice President
Christine Banford
Sue Jang
John Stark
Kristina Lidster
Information Officer
Gary Castonguay
Director at Large
Charlene Fowler
Director at Large
Cathy Colborne
Past President
Jim Davie

History of Pickleball:
The sport got its start in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, Washington USA.  Three fathers: Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell and Barney McCallum are credited for the invention of the game, to entertain their families during the summer months.  Over the next while it was named Pickleball, after the Pritchards’ family dog Pickles.   The rules and equipment have evolved over time as has its popularity – being one of the fastest growing sports around.

Video:  Origins of Pickleball – How It All Began


Pickleball is a thriving sport that is easy to play .. but challenging to master.  It is a unique, fast paced game that individuals of all ages can enjoy.  The game of pickleball requires accuracy, patience, good court presence and consistent  play.