Outdoor Spring & Summer Schedule 

There are two options to view the Outdoor schedule:  PDF and Calendar.
The PDF shows a ‘snapshot’ of the seasons play times and does not include updates. 
The Calendar is current and up to date showing any last minute changes/updates.

View a printable PDF version of the schedule:  Summer Schedule.  (PDF 201 kb).
(effective June 17, 2019)

Below is the calendar for the Outdoor play schedule ONLY.  View the Calendar on the above menu for all play times, activities and tournaments.

» To view the Calendar easier on smaller screens .. Choose ‘Week’ or ‘List’ on the menu bar.
» Hover mouse over any day to see a snapshot of info.


With to the ongoing popularity of pickleball, the drive by our members to improve their play through practice, drill sessions and tournaments,  the numbers in each skill level continue to grow which is exciting to see. 

Thank you to all members who volunteer their time to put on clinics during the spring/summer months and those who mentor or give helpful tips when asked upon. 
The efforts by all involved in our club make it a great place to spend time and enjoy this amazing sport.

As always,
» Be considerate to all who attend each play session,
» Be welcoming to new members to the club by introducing yourself and ask to play a game together, 
» Be patient and fair when waiting for your turn to get on court.  We have a large club so let’s work together to make the best of any wait times, 
» Smile and enjoy your day – how can we not?  – we are playing  Pickleball !!

Info on Play Sessions
» Round Robin (RR):  Arrive 15 minutes early to sign in.  Once the Round Robin starts you will not be able to join in – so get there early to sign in and warm up. 
» Challenge Play details:  Challenge Play Guidelines.  (PDF 345kb).
» Club Play:  Open to any paid club member. Follow court etiquette.
» Sgl/Club Play:  Members have the option to play a Singles game with 2 players or a Doubles game with 4 players.
» Non-marking shoes are required for all play sessions.

Ratings for Play

Kamloops Pickleball Club will use the following ratings for scheduled club play sessions. Your rating will have been given to you by the club rating committee or through tournament results. 
» Club play:  Any paid club member from a 1st timer to 5.0 rating.
» 2.5 and below rating.  This would include members new to the sport of pickleball.
» 3.0 rating.
» 3.5 rating.
» 4.0 rating.
» 4.5+ rating (4.5 and 5.0).

Wondering what your Rating is?
If you do not have a Club or Tournament rating and/or unsure of your rating, send us an email and our assessment team will get back to you:  Contact Us.

Also, you can check the Ratings & Assessment page. 
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