Round Robin Play

Round Robin (RR) Play provides a structured rotational format of play for any number of  players.  Round Robin play is a tool used to help organize play for skill group play times.

While a true Round Robin involves each player playing every other player through the full rotation, due to the size of some round robin groups and the time constraint to play the session, this may not always happen. 

» You need to arrive 15 minutes early and sign up for the round robin session.
» Once signed up, assist with any court setup required.
» You do not need a partner for round robin play. 
» It is preferred you stay for the whole session, unless there are spares to cover you.
» The number of courts to be  used will depend on how many players sign up.
» There may be a cap on players allowed to sign up, depending on court availability.
» Round robin sheets include 6-7 games which should be able to be completed in a 2 hour time period. 
» Ensure you complete your games and be all packed up before the next session begins, so they can start on time to enjoy their full play time.  

Below are Round Robin Play sheets (PDF) and a sign-up sheet (PDF) for use during play:

» RR Sign-Up sheet,
» RR 8 player,
» RR 9 player,
» RR 10 player,
» RR 11 player,
» RR 12 player,
» RR 13 player,
» RR 14 player,
» RR 15 player,
» RR 16 player,
» RR 17 player,
» RR 18 player,
» RR 19 player,
» RR 20 player,
» RR 21 player,
» RR 22 player,
» RR 23 player,
» RR 24 player,
» RR 25 player,
» RR 26 player,
» RR 27 player,