Indoor Fall Schedule:  October – December, 2020

The full Fall Schedule is still in the works.  It will be posted as soon as it is available.

There are two options to view the Indoor Schedule:  PDF and Calendar.
» PDF shows a ‘snapshot’ of the seasons play times and does not include updates. 
» Calendar is current showing any last minute changes and updates. 

View a printable PDF version of the Indoor schedule: 

PDF Schedule – coming soon

View the calendar for all play times, activities, tournaments:


Rules of Daytime Play at TRU and KTC
To assist in the smooth interaction of daytime play at TRU and KTC, please view and follow the guidelines in the below document.
» Rules of Play at TRU and KTC.  (PDF 112kb)

Info on Play Sessions
» White board sign up for courts will be used on busy days.
» Sign attendance book and pay drop-in fee, prior to play each day.
» Non-marking court shoes are required for all play sessions.
» You may attend a lower rating play session than your current Club or Tournament rating if it suits your day better but you cannot attend a higher rating play session.

TRU:  Fall Session:  Details to come.
TCC:  Fall Session:  Oct. 19 – Dec. 23.  
KTC:  Fall Session:  Details to come.