Rating, Skill Assessment

A players rating is determined by their skill level.  When you have a rating it will allow you to play in tournaments or club league play against others who are of a similar ability offering a better chance that the individuals will have a competitive and fun match.  Once you have been rated, you are required to enter tournaments/events at your rating level and no lower.  You may enter tournaments/events at a level higher than your rating if you wish.  
Kamloops Pickleball Club has a skills rating committee that can assist you in determining your rating.  This group will evaluate your play using an approved checklist, offer comments and provide you your rating at the end of the session.  To have an official rating you will be required to join Pickleball Canada and your rating will be submitted on your behalf.

Below are the IFP Skill Assessment sheets courtesy of the USAPA which you can review to see what would be required to get you to your next skill level.

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Click on the below skill assessment links for information on each level.

» Skill Assessment: 2.0  (PDF 197 kb)

» Skill Assessment: 2.5  (PDF 49 kb)

» Skill Assessment: 3.0  (PDF 71 kb)

» Skill Assessment: 3.5  (PDF 209 kb)

» Skill Assessment: 4.0  (PDF 210 kb)