UTPR (Rating System)

The USAPA Tournament Player Rating (UTPR) is a rating system that will take the guess work out of a players rating –  letting players know their precise standings.  It will enhance the structure of tournaments, enabling tournament directors and organizers to create fair and balance player brackets, as the statistics from the UTPR will assist greatly in seeding.   

The UTPR will be the official tournament player rating of the USAPA, effective January 1, 2019.  The UTPR will take the place of the previous USAPA Legacy rating. 

The UTPR is based on your performance  in  tournaments, recording your results and updating players UTPR, producing a 4-digit player rating and a 2-digit skill rating. 
» 4-digit player ratings are dynamic, updating weekly based on recent tournament play.
» 2-digit skill ratings update quarterly for registration and tournament purposes.
The UTPR is based exclusively on an individuals win/loss match results in comparison to the relative strength of their opponents.

Pickleballtournaments.com is the exclusive official provider of UTPR.  Any tournaments you participated in from June 2015 that have been posted on pickleballtournaments.com have been taken into account to calculate a players initial UTPR.  The UTPR is designed to be self-correcting, so the more matches you play, the more frequently your ratings adjust to match your changing and growing skill set.

The above information is a brief description of the UTPR and its purpose and benefit to the game of pickleball.  For more detailed information view the below USAPA documentation. 

UTPR Frequently Asked Questions    

UTPR Video Series    

USAPA Player Ratings Summary    

At the end of the day, the UTPR will not change how we play pickleball or take any enjoyment away from the sport.  It will simply assist in tournaments, creating more accurate brackets, resulting in a greater experience for all!