Welcome to the home of pickleball in Kamloops, BC.

Pickleball originated at Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA in 1965.   Kamloops pickleball got its start in 2007. The interest in the sport and growth of the club increases each year which is amazing to see. 

Pickleball is a thriving sport in North America and is easy to learn and play .. but challenging to master.  It is a unique, fast paced game that individuals of all ages can enjoy.  The game of pickleball requires accuracy, patience, good court presence and consistent  play.

Kamloops Pickleball Club is fortunate to have a member base with a variety of skill levels ranging from novice to 5.0 players so if you are looking for a game you will find one that will suit you.  Regardless of your skill level you will enjoy the pickleball experience the very first time you set foot on the court as it is addicting,  having you coming back for more.

Kamloops Pickleball Club promotes healthy active living, sportsmanship, fair play and fun .. lots of fun!  Our goal is to continue the growth of pickleball in Kamloops.

Play Pickleball  – “Preserve” your body, mind and spirit.

Visitors and new members are always welcome at Kamloops Pickleball Club so grab your paddle and come play!

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